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In the Shop of Knots & Steel

It all begins outside our shop in Rockwood. 
We source logs that would be turned into firewood or discarded to the landfill site and change it into unique art and furniture.
Fresh logs are selected from our stock and then put through our sawmill to be cut into useful natural live edge wood slabs.
As the lumber comes out from the mill, it then goes inside an air drying shed for about 6 - 10 months. Once our wood has been air dried, it then goes into our kiln to finish the drying. The kiln dried wood then goes into our shop to be arranged and stacked.

Wood for live edge furniture
Natural edge wood cut on our mill and ready to start the drying process. These wide live edge Sugar Maple slabs will make some nice looking tables and kitchen islands.
Wood drying kiln that is powered by the sun.
Our sun powered wood kiln is always loaded up with thick wood slabs, and are dried nice and slow. Its a great way to save energy.

book matched wood live edge slabs
Wet sanding a matched set of Walnut slabs for a coffee table with industrial steel legs
Live edge slabs for rustic furniture.
Come and choose a nice live edge wood slab for your table, bench or home bar.
These are a few Black Cherry, Sugar Maple, and Black Walnut slabs in our shop ready for a woodworking project.
Extra large charcuterie board made with a live edge board.
This extra large charcuterie board was custom made for one of our customers.
It has some nice wild and crazy grain with tons of unique character.
These larger boards are great for family gatherings, wedding showers, wine and cheese party's,  dessert trays, or just any large event.
We can make one for you, any size and to suit your needs.
Bathroom vanity counter top made with live edge Maple wood from Ontario, Canada.
Our new bathroom vanity counter top is finished and ready to be attached to a steel frame.
The holes are also drilled for the stone vessel sink and bathroom faucet.
We used our higher end Birds eye spalted maple for this bathroom renovation project.
The grain in this wood speaks for itself.
The length of this wood slab is close to 5 feet, and we have this style Maple up to 8 feet long at this time.
We are taking our time with this job, watch for it when we have it all finished and ready to install.

It is amazing how salvaged wood can come back to life with its wonderful  shape and beautiful colours from its grain and structural figure.
Handmade wood and steel furniture can be personalised to suit your home or office decor. 
We have many different sizes and species of hardwood for you to choose from for us to design and build your handcrafted rustic or classic furniture.

Welding brackets in our shop
The Knots & Steel shop has a fully equipped welding and fabricating  area to custom make all of our industrial steel frames, legs and bases for our customers custom projects. This way we can design and build what you want.

Live edge wood slab for a small bar top.
A new live edge butternut slab that that will be used for a cocktail table or a small bar top.
It will be fitted to a industrial metal frame that we will design and build in our shop.
The holes with the dips and natural curves in this wood are spectacular and very interesting just to look at, so we have decided to leave them alone and just do some minor finishing on them. 
The sanded wood slab then had a full hand rub finish to give that real wood look and feel.
Modern dining room with a live edge industrial table and bench.

We are working on a very nice bookmatch Black Cherry kitchen table, that will be ready for finishing very soon.
We have custom fabricated bold thick sawbuck style steel industrial legs and frame work for this table.
We do all our steel work at our own shop, this way we can design the steel to suit the natural curves and shape of the live edge wood slabs.
Watch for this table this week!
There is also a matching live edge wooden slab bench to match.
Bathroom vanity top made with a live edge wooden slab.
Here is a long bathroom vanity top made with Black walnut.
We wet sanded this live edge slab starting at 80 grit all the way up to 220 grit sandpaper.
It has a nice low sheen in the finish, just the way we like it.
This is also a book match set, and we glued the two of them together.
After it is nice and dry, it will then go to a new home to be installed. 
The holes for the vessel sinks will be drilled on site.

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